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Ceres Robotics Inc.

LanderMoonEarth 2.jpg

We are committed to building additional homes for humanity and our ecosystems on the Moon, Mars and beyond for the rest of history.  To borrow words from John Kennedy, we take this goal not because it is easy but because it is hard.  It will bring out the best in our creativity, our dreams, and what it means to be human.

The robots and AI systems we build for space are the hammers and nails that will enable this dream and allow it to be affordable.  Our spacecraft take us there. 


At Ceres Robotics we are building the smart robots to be the shovels and wagons as the tools for the next generation of prospectors and explorers. Our Lander services provide customers with an integrated, safe, affordable, and reliable  end-to-end commercial planetary payload services. 



With numerous lunar surface missions planned over the next 10 years with a pathway to Mars, Ceres is well positioned to supply its Landers and robotic products to enable critical mission elements

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